crazy ethereum price action

A Crazy Day which MEANS Hold on to Ethereum for Dear Life

Ethereum managed to drop to $13 on the minute chart today only to pop back up to $330. What's the deal with crazy price action?

buy and hodl ethereum

Why the Buy & Hodl Game Works with Ethereum

There are quite a few reasons why someone may choose to buy and 'Hodl' Ethereum. Here is why.

fear and risk in ethereum

How Fear will Give you Pain in Owning Ethereum

If you are thinking about owning Ethereum you might want to understand how to handle fear and risk.

ethereum number one currency

The Time is Ticking as Ethereum looks to Become the #1 Crypto-Currency

Over the last few weeks Ethereum has been adding market cap like its nothing. Will it takeover Bitcoin as the number one currency?

bancor ico on ethereum blockchain

Why the Bancor ICO Sold Out on the Ethereum Blockchain?

A big ICO happened today for Bancor on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a protocol that has promise. Was it a good investment?

the reason ethereum will continue to surprise

The Reason Ethereum will Continue to Surprise the World

Over the last few months Ethereum has continued to surprise people betting against it. Will it continue?

ethereum valuation

Why the Bitcoin Bubble of 2013 is Nothing Like Ethereum Now

The reasons for why Ethereum and Bitcoin valuations are completely different than in 2013.