how bitconnect works

How Bitconnect Works and Why it Will Help you Accumulate Eth

When I first started Bitconnect I thought it was going to be a let down like many of you. But before going anywhere take a look at how Bitconnect works and how it will help you accumulate Eth.

ethereum trend analysis

Levels to Watch: Ethereum Trend Analysis

Here are some important levels to watch when using Ethereum trend analysis

how many ethereum are there

How Many Ethereum are there and What it Means For Value?

For the people asking how many Ethereum are there, here is your answer. Most people make a fatal mistake when trying to calculate market cap and value of an underlying.

big investors in ethereum

Weekly Toilet Thoughts: How Ethereum is Correlated to the Stock Market

Some may wonder about why correlation matters to investing. Here is a quick knowledge base of how Ethereum is correlated to the stock market.

what is stox ico

What is Stox ICO and the position it has in the Blockchain Ecosystem?

For any that don't know, the Stox ico recently raised 148,000 Eth. So what is Stox Ico and how does it improve the ecosystem.

eth usd

The Coming US Dollar Crash Could Make Eth/USD More Valuable

Here is why you should be interested in the recent bear market in the USD. The ETH/USD pair is showing a huge trend.

filecoin data storage

Why FileCoin Will Change the World with Ethereum

In a few days the Filecoin pre-sale is going to happen. The data storage platform is being built on Ethereum and is catching eyes.