how to invest in ethereum easily

How to Invest in Ethereum Easily?

One of the easiest exchanges to do business on I have found is Coinbase. The reason is because the user interface and experience is simple. The platform is more for people doing long term investing and want a secure wallet. Also, you can exchange Bitcoin and Litecoin in addition to Ethereum.

I first opened an account with Coinbase and put in $2000 when Ethereum was at $89. I didn’t necessarily understand it much and just took a shot. The trade went through just fine with about a 1 day delay because there was so much volume trying to get into Ethereum. Then, I tested a $10 sell transaction to see if my bank account would receive it. Needless to say, it came in less than two full days.

I’m excited about the Coinbase platform because it has potential to be a huge future exchange at the front line for crypto-currencies. Just a few days ago, the CEO announced that 40,000 users signed up in just a single day. These technologies are going to change the future whether you believe it or not. User growth in wallets is expanding at exponential levels and this is beginning of what I see being the BOOM.

The reason is simple. These technologies have significant value and have the ability to change the way transactions are done all over the world. Innovation to the payment system hasn’t happened in forever and things still run on legacy based systems.

Get $10 Bitcoin After Signup

When you signup with Coinbase using the link below they give $10 free Bitcoin. This is a nice feature because over the net couple of years I believe every $10 in Bitcoin will become $40. A small investment can grow at an exponential rate. I haven’t found anywhere in the stock market where this value can be found.

The growth rate is really based around a similar trend as we see with all technologies. This trend is known as the S-Curve which has been seen with things like the Internet, Facebook, and other innovative ideas that changed the world.  You can signup below and I think it is a smart choice because a small amount can change your life.

Coinbase Signup

Conclusion: My target holding period is around 12-15 years in which I believe the bulk majority of gains will be made. Typically, cycles of game-changing technologies tend to slow down after a boom of about 15-20 years. Depending on price, I may take profits a little sooner but I’m in it for the long term.


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