ethereum number one currency

The Time is Ticking as Ethereum looks to Become the #1 Crypto-Currency

If somebody would have come up to me on the street a couple weeks back and told me that Ethereum would take the top spot as a crypto-currency I wouldn’t believe them.  I mean many of us have been living a dream on this run. But there is a significant amount of innovation that has been occurring behind the scenes.

The Ethereum blockchain is accessible to developers with a language that supports innovation better due to smart contracts. The number of ICO’s that have been crowd funding using the Ethereum blockchain has grown significantly. A good portion of the price rise can be attributed to this and just overall excitement within the community. I can honestly tell you I haven’t seen innovative ideas like this since the internet.

More people each day are starting to look into how Ethereum could change the world of computing. Just think about being able to eventually sync a wallet up with the blockchain in seconds and send/receive money from someone halfway across the world instantly. I see many sites just highlight that Ethereum is a ‘bubble’ or it is a worthless technology based on only ICO’s. Let me tell you that all of these sites are bullshit and probably won’t offer any value.

I try and look into the facts of whether Ethereum can really change the world 10 years from now. Of course, there will be challenges in solving the hash rate and sizing issues but that is common. The internet when it began had plenty of issues but eventually developers got it right and working well after some time. The same is true with just about every technology company in the world.

Recently, I found a site to share that offers the data for Ethereum. The number of accounts now totals 2,978,427 which is huge. The fact that today had a growth of 59,402 accounts just shows that the idea of this technology is starting to reach the public more.

ethereum number one currency

If you are patient, you will get the best gains over time while the dooms and glooms of the world lose money. In no way, is the Ethereum blockchain a ‘perfect’ running system at this point in time. However, it has time to grow into something amazing. As the GPU and processing power continues to grow, the ability for a high speed Ethereum blockchain will be easier.



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