ethereum web 3.0

Could Ethereum Become the New Web 3.0 to Overtake the Internet System?

In many ways, the idea of Web 3.0 is starting to come to fruition. I would even go as far as saying it could obliterate the need to have servers at all. Here are some of the underlying technologies the Ethereum Project aims to deliver in simple terms:

  • Contracts: decentralized logic
  • Swarm: decentralized storage
  • Whisper: decentralized messaging


ethereum web 3.0

As the technology continues to evolve there will be little need for content delivery networks (CDNs) anymore. Everything will be replaced with a digital hash table (DHT).

The last 20 years have been spent optimizing the protocols that helped in the founding of the internet. However, it may be time to realize the opportunities that were lost by continually patching the old system. Keep in mind that many of these patches just continue to face issues with cyber security.

The future will likely derive a transition period between traditional and decentralized technologies, where applications live in a hybrid universe and users are unaware of the huge changes coming. But soon they will come to their senses as the infrastructure changes the way we operate day to day in life.

This disruption in technology will offer developers an opportunity to build the next-generation of decentralized, private, secure, censorship-resistant platforms that return control to creators and consumers of the next best idea. Anyone with a dream is free to build on this new class of next-generation decentralized web services without owning a credit card or signing up for any accounts.

As of late, we have already seen many ICOs launch and the development over the next couple of years into new designs will be incredible. This is the beginning of a new era into something that will change the world.

In conclusion, blockchain technology has the ability to eliminate many issues we have today with back-end databases. Ethereum could revolutionize the way cyber is done in a new digital age. Only time will tell but the future continues to look promising.

While some are selling their Ethereum I’m staying patient. This chart may help in understanding the larger picture for what is ahead in price.

ethereum web 3.0


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