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Why the Blockchain Ecosystem will Expand Daily with Ethereum/Bitcoin

The blockchain represents a bigger disruption in technology than most of us can understand today. If it wasn’t for Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) there wouldn’t be any of this technology. He released a radical idea of new currency during the financial crisis of 2008.

This opportunity comes roughly once in each generation. For my parents, the boom happened with the invention of the internet but one of the issues today is security. Decentralization solves a significant amount of single point failure in security.

I picture that in 5 years everyone will store private keys of value on their phones and be able to sync to the blockchain whenever they want. In this new era, they will be able to send anyone in the world money instantly.

The fundamental way our eco-system functions today will change. For example, a decentralized instagram will have the best photos of someones friends getting populated to the top of their feed. Only high quality content will make it to the top because people will be charged a small percentage of Ethereum each time they vote (Approximately 1 cent). Instead of a pay to vote they may just watch an advertisement to raise enough Ethereum to vote.

Our system will be able to move at higher speeds than it does today which is amazing to think about. Keep in mind that all of this innovation still requires time so it may be years before all this is established.

I don’t worry about Ethereum price because I know the fundamental value is huge. Many people that are in the market now are trying to speculate and trade. Those people have the wrong idea and will lose money most likely. If you have a longer term understanding of how this can change everything we know you will be set up for success.

Bitcoin started the explosion of innovation but Ethereum is making it easier for developers to work. Both have promise to furthering the simple goal of making the blockchain technology advance. I’m currently working to develop a DAPP on Ethereum because the coding language isn’t terrible to learn.

These DAPPs are in the infancy stage but in a couple years they will be complex applications solving all the problems of the world. This is the closest we will get to a system that can support artificial intelligence in the future. The market is going to be big and the people that realize it will win over time.



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