filecoin data storage

Why FileCoin Will Change the World with Ethereum

As I was doing research today inventing my own dapp I came across something called IPFS (Internet Planetary File System). This is something built on Ethereum and allows developers to use decentralized storage. Let me drop the mic real quick and say this is the future!

filecoin data storage

In the deep states of the best companies and top secret areas in the world there are tides shifting. People are working to change the way we fundamentally access data day to day. The internet is currently flawed in the sense that if someone loses a connection then they lose the ability to access content.

In simple terms, the internet was a system built with good intentions but wasn’t necessarily the right way of going about things. The issue occurred when centralization of data happened because it actually hurt the system.

If servers that are owned by Amazon crash then many people are without data. Additionally,  a few top companies own all the content you produce and all your data. This slows down the exchange of value believe it or not. I will touch on that more in the next article.

Finally, people are going back and challenging the Internet protocols. The guy from Filecoin helped build IPFS which is a storage system and works with Ethereum. The goal is to make the data of the world eventually more distributed so you could essentially cut a cord and yet still be able to access data.

What is the Merkle Tree?

The Merkle Tree believe it or not was patented in 1979 by Ralph Merkle and is the backbone of data movement. In 2008, it was Satoshi Nakomoto that wrote out how hashing could work on a data ledger that verifies transactions on a peer-to-peer network.

In my mind, it is crazy that it took society 30 years to go back to the protocols of the internet and question them. Now as the Ethereum network grows and Filecoin looks to solve data storage we could find a game changing disruption in technology.



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