how many ethereum are there

How Many Ethereum are there and What it Means For Value?

The number break down for crypto assets can be deceiving if you don’t understand it. For example, Status (SNT) trades currently around 7 cents and people may think it is a penny stock. But if you look deeper into the supply and volumes you see a completely different story.

Status trades about $20-$30 million dollars in value a day and has a supply of 6.8 billion tokens. The larger the supply of tokens, the less the price in most cases.

How Many Ethereum are there?

Supply = 93,827,079

The price of Ethereum is determined by supply and demand. A simple base concept you may or may not have learned in school. If it had a supply of 6.8 billion tokens like status then it would trade at a significantly lower value due to less demand.

how many ethereum are there

5 Years From Now…

If you think about how assets trade you understand that they have a skew to go up. As value grows over time so does the price. Now don’t think that it will be a smooth and steady rise up.

Things happen in cycles so you will have significant overvalued conditions followed by discounted prices….only to get back to the equilibrium of value.

The adventure is in the fact that crypto is still young in comparison to how the internet was when it started. The networks of decentralization are growing and it will continue.

Currently, Ethereum has been hitting volumes close to $1 billion or over each day. I find this interesting because when I first started with Ethereum in April volumes seemed to only be hitting around $250 million on a good day. It represents a near 4 times in volume increase over the course of months.

As a wise man by the name of Warren Buffet once said, “our favorite holding period is forever”. ┬áHe meant that you should go into owning asset with the mindset of thinking long term.

If you were only able to own 10 assets in your lifetime you would think about it really hard and make sure you didn’t mess up. Crypto makes it onto my list of 10 assets but does it make it onto your list?


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