how bitconnect works

How Bitconnect Works and Why it Will Help you Accumulate Eth

I’m not one of those guys out in the world that will ever try to pitch you something that is shit and doesn’t have value. I will always make it my job to give opportunities that I am using currently and that work.

The goal is simple…add value and people will respect you. When I first found Bitconnect I decided to put an amount of $230 into it as a test. It wasn’t a deal breaker if I lost the money because I could afford it.

how bitconnect works

The way the platform works is you first transfer Bitcoin into the site. Then you use that Bitcoin and convert it to BCC which can be loaned out.

How to Transfer in Bitcoin?

On Bitconnect, there will be a ‘Deposit Bitcoin’ button. You will want to click that button which will bring up the address for where you will want to transfer Bitcoin. Next, copy this address and go to Coinbase or Bittrex where you hold Bitcoin. On each exchange, there will be the ability to ‘send’ or ‘withdraw’ Bitcoin. Then, you will paste the address to transfer Bitcoin to Bitconnect. The minimum for a loan you can do on Bitconnect is $100.

This loan gains interest daily which is calculated based on the volatility of the market. As the first couple days went by, I started to notice the value of the platform. The first day I collected .8% and then the days after were above 1%.

When the interest got paid I immediately moved it into BCC because the hope was that I would also get investment gains. This probably the smartest thing to do in order to speed up the return on investment.

how bitconnect works

Sure enough, after the first couple payments of putting my money in BCC the price went from $90 to $100. Now the price sits well above $100. In the first couple days, I already made back 10% of the loan and that money can be transferred straight out to Coinbase after. This is how you can accumulate Eth over time.

I’m looking to get to the point where I own 100 Eth over the next two years. In order to hit that goal, I have to seek out these other opportunities for yield in the meantime.

I hear many people calling it a scam but how can they say that if the interest is actually being paid daily. Also, none of the haters actually have an account like me so their argument is not valid. In less than 50 days, I will probably have all of the original lending amount back and put into Coinbase. Then the rest after that will be straight profit.

I would say to test out a small amount like I did to get comfortable with the platform and have little risk on the table. The horror stories of people saying it is going to shutdown is just outright ‘FUD’ and you should try the platform before ruling it out. You can signup now using the link below.

how bitconnect works


5 thoughts on “How Bitconnect Works and Why it Will Help you Accumulate Eth

    • Yeah I invest in it and receive interest daily. Then move the interest into BCC. Once I get the original investment back I will move it into Eth and let the profits keep rolling for bitconnect

    • Yes, I have invested in bcc since the beginning of 2017. I am profiting from bcc so I am currently scrambling to invest in many places, including BitConnect, with BitConnect investing in Lending. Last month

  1. You don’t seem to realise that they pay you from their own premined BCC. They rely on people willing to buy BCC with BTC. If i premine a coin and keep x % it’s easy for me to pay others « interest » too.

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