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Weekly Toilet Thoughts: Big Investors are just starting to get a taste of Ethereum and Bitcoin

I know many of you have heard the line “the party is just getting started”. You normally say it when something great is still in its beginning stages. Well, big investors across the board have been on the side lines for awhile now when it comes to crypto. Though, over the last few months I have seen a different trend take place.

When I watch CNBC, the traders are starting to dip their feet into these technologies. I think finally after watching price skyrocket they feel the need to get in the market. I mean who wants to miss out on potential waterfall gains.

Even Goldman Sach’s has recently warned investors not to ignore Bitcoin any longer. This is a huge step in the right direction and the CBOE even has been working to offer trading for Bitcoin futures. I think this is just the beginning  and the start of a new era.

This new era will take time but in the next couple of years big money will pour into the crypto space. Right now the crypto space has largely been funded by individual investors and not institutions. How much money do I foresee coming into the space? A fair statement would be to see roughly a trillion dollars enter crypto in 2018.

You as a reader of this article most likely know more than institutions about crypto currently. To that, I say ‘cheers’ because this is the beginning of the largest technological advancement we have seen since the internet. I believe it can stretch far beyond the capabilities of the internet.

Speed, security, and power is what people will have with their money and that is game-changing. Most people I talk to don’t have a clue what it could do for the world. But then again they are 91% and you are the 9% in this transfer of wealth that will occur.


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