Will Ethereum Price in the Future Hit $1,000

Daily Data and Price:

ethereum price

Why Such a Boom in Price?

In July of 2015, Ethereum had its initial release and has ever since been rising in price. You may wonder what the catalyst is behind such an increase in valuation. Ethereum features a decentralized platform that includes smart contracts. The smart contracts are created with scripting and the goal is to move toward artificial intelligence in the Fintech world eventually.

By ‘artificial intelligence’, i’m not talking about robots taking over the future or something crazy. The technology just represents a picture of what the world could be like if computers were fast enough and built with enough smarts to run the whole globes finances. If we get to that level with Ethereum, then the valuation and price should be at a higher multiple. Ethereum’s price may have run too quick too fast but if you are in it for the long term valuation then right now it is trading at a discount.