how to build your first dapp

How to Build your First Dapp (in Minutes)

You may be wondering how to develop on the Ethereum network. I went through the trouble to figure out how to build dapps.

blockchain ecosystem

Why the Blockchain Ecosystem will Expand Daily with Ethereum/Bitcoin

The blockchain ecosystem has the potential to grow significantly over the next couple of years with Ethereum and Bitcoin. Don't miss out!

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Could Ethereum Become the New Web 3.0 to Overtake the Internet System?

Ethereum has the potential to become the web 3.0 system to overtake the internet and change everything we know.

crazy ethereum price action

A Crazy Day which MEANS Hold on to Ethereum for Dear Life

Ethereum managed to drop to $13 on the minute chart today only to pop back up to $330. What's the deal with crazy price action?

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Why the Buy & Hodl Game Works with Ethereum

There are quite a few reasons why someone may choose to buy and 'Hodl' Ethereum. Here is why.

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How Fear will Give you Pain in Owning Ethereum

If you are thinking about owning Ethereum you might want to understand how to handle fear and risk.

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The Time is Ticking as Ethereum looks to Become the #1 Crypto-Currency

Over the last few weeks Ethereum has been adding market cap like its nothing. Will it takeover Bitcoin as the number one currency?