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Why the Bancor ICO Sold Out on the Ethereum Blockchain?

A big ICO happened today for Bancor on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a protocol that has promise. Was it a good investment?

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The Reason Ethereum will Continue to Surprise the World

Over the last few months Ethereum has continued to surprise people betting against it. Will it continue?

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Why the Bitcoin Bubble of 2013 is Nothing Like Ethereum Now

The reasons for why Ethereum and Bitcoin valuations are completely different than in 2013.

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What is Augur and the Impact it has on Ethereum Blockchain?

If you haven't heard of Augur you might want to take note of how it is going to impact the blockchain.

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How Mark Cuban is Wrong about the Future of Bitcoin/Ethereum

A big investor by the name of Mark Cuban has put heat on the future of Bitcoin/Ethereum. Should you trust him?

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Why you Should Pay Attention to the Road-map for Ethereum in 2017

The Ethereum landscape for 2017 has many additions which may mean higher prices.

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How Ethereum’s Raiden Network will Get to the Point of Artificial Intelligence

The future of Ethereum and artificial intelligence may be closer than you think. The Raiden Network is making it possible.