the reason ethereum will continue to surprise

The Reason Ethereum will Continue to Surprise the World

Ethereum is hard for most to conceptualize at such an early stage of development. It is kind of like in the ‘first date’ phase of a relationship. Some people decide to dip their feet in and own it while others want to see how the dinner goes before heading home with the person. One thing I will tell you from multiple years of experience is that the longer you wait the more you lose out on everything.

By this, I’m kind of talking about every aspect of life. People that don’t seize opportunity generally get beat to it and are late to the game. You don’t want to be that person! So back to the topic of Ethereum cause that is why you are all here.

Developer Interest

The technology is gaining speed and is open source which is my favorite part. When Microsoft decided to go open source for developers they saw innovation greater than Apple. Apple decided to be hard headed and keep the development to their inside groupies which was a loss in ways. In 2015, Microsoft decided to open source the .NET framework. The .NET framework has seen a 61 percent growth in the number of developers engaged in the past year. Additionally, there has been dramatic growth in the Github activity related to the .NET framework.

If you think about exponential numbers you start to understand this weird phenomenon. People from all over the world have access to this system and can develop it to change the world. Just thinking about that sends chills down the back of my neck cause it has so much power.

the reason ethereum will continue to surprise

New DAPPs Coming

The exciting part about Ethereum is the constant innovation and applications coming to support the blockchain. This includes a wide array of apps with many use cases. You can check them out here and see which are still in development.

The one I’m watching close is Raiden which I have stated before. I believe it will change the ability of the Ethereum blockchain to be faster with transactions. If speed is achieved correctly then the rest of the blockchain can be designed and developed at levels we can’t fully see yet.

why ethereum development impacts google

Why Ethereum Development Impacts Google

Have you ever heard of the term open-source? It means that any person with a couple ideas and tech genius instilled in them can add functionality to a code project to help it grow. Now this can help the advancement of a technology grow at exponential rates that otherwise may not have been possible. We are seeing this with Ethereum as the network expands and more developers want to join the project.

The Best Part

Developers from all around the world that advance the platform earn Ethereum. So they are rewarded for furthering the technology and they have incentive to only build the best code.

If you go to Github currently and search the term “Ethereum”, you will find that roughly 3,595 repositories exist. The number of projects within these repositories are continuing to go up daily.  The goal is to eventually have a network that can operate itself on smart technology. Some like to refer to this vision as the “world computer”.

Impact on Google Search

One of the things I found interesting was the search trend for the term ‘Bitcoin’.  A year ago, it was at a number of 1.5 million hits a month. In April of 2017, the number of hits per month jumped to 2.2 million.

how ethereum development impacts google

So if you do the quick math you figure out that the number of searches in a little less than a year has gone up by roughly 700,000 searches per month. In a year, this equates to 8,400,000 hits more in a year. I believe this type of exponential move will continue as general public starts to understand it more.

The Boom of Ethereum

The two largest crypto-currencies by market cap are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin has a whopping $41 billion in market cap while Ethereum has a $22 billion dollar market cap. These assets could change the Forex marketplace over the next couple of years as money continues to move in.

Ethereum is in the ‘infancy’ of it’s growth stages from what I see. The term ‘Ethereum’ a year ago was getting around 150,000 searches per month. In April of 2017, the search volume was double standing at 300,000 searches.


The growth of Ethereum has started to catch attention of the public eye. Whether the increase in Google visibility continues is anyone’s guess at this point. But I think it will continue because the technology and innovation is exciting.

The development of a system where fees are low to move money and the security is top notch is what the world needs. Only time will tell if this technology has what it takes to handle the complex challenges of computing.